Geoffry Kaatz


Geoffry Kaatz is a fourth generation Denver Native, his family has been in real estate and development in Denver since the 1940s. Geoffry has been a licensed real estate broker since 2007. He started his career helping buyers and sellers to find and sell their personal residences. Geoffry then purchased a few rental units of his own and became very knowledgeable about the investment side of real estate. Soon after purchasing his first rentals Geoffry started doing fix and flips, then pop-tops, and eventually new construction. Currently, Geoffry spends the majority of his time investing in real estate properties. He enjoys working with clients who are searching for their perfect home as well as investors, new or seasoned, to identify real estate that meets their investment goals. Should you decide that Geoffry’s areas of expertise are a good match for your goals it would be his pleasure to discuss your needs and discuss if you are a good fit to work together.