Mycah Healey


Born and raised in Colorado, Mycah has had the opportunity to watch Denver ‘grow up’ into the city so many fall in love with. Graduating from CU Boulder in 2006, she quickly realized that her beloved sociology degree would not be paying student debt and pivoted to a career in tech sales and now real estate. Her love for real estate began in 2009 when she and her husband acquired their first property via a short sale. After the birth of their daughter in 2015 and a sleep-deprived maternity leave immersed in all things HGTV, they had that ‘Aha!,’ moment. They realized that their home would rent quickly in Denver’s up and coming Baker neighborhood and they would easily cover their mortgage with additional income left over to apply to their next home. Just like that, the power of real estate became clear.

In 2019, her competitive and entrepreneurial spirit gave her the push she needed to dive into real estate full time. With a passion and experience with renovations, short and long term rental properties, Mycah loves the opportunity to coach others on how they can leverage their home to help secure their future. Her background in sales and customer service developed her into an excellent listener and problem solver. She is a creative thinker and loves the challenge of finding/ creating opportunities in Denver’s real estate market.

In her free time, Mycah loves spending time with her family, traveling, snowboarding, volunteering at her kids’ school or enjoying live music with her husband and friends. She is a self-proclaimed, ‘terrible cook,’ but loves trying new restaurants and exploring our changing city!