Sharon S. Eisner


Sharon prides herself in her ability to help people make overwhelming tasks seem simple. Buying or selling a home is one of those tasks. She has always provided the utmost in customer service and looks forward to bringing her new clients that same level of care and consideration. Sharon has competently negotiated many contracts and deals in her 30+ years of business and brings a level headed approach to the table. She has developed a keen eye for design and details and that skill will benefit her clients in many ways.

Having raised 3 kids in 4 homes in the Denver area, Sharon knows what it takes to facilitate the buying and selling process and felt she could provide a higher level of value. She has a knack for what truly makes a house a “home” and will help you find yours. Her experience volunteering at various schools in the area and love for walking all over the city has afforded her a different perspective on various neighborhoods. Sharon’s thirst for knowledge will keep her at the forefront of market trends and although she may not have all of the answers, she is confident she will research them and find the best options for each individual outcome.

Sharon has the ability to listen well and problem solves on her feet and will be there for the long haul to help you find your dream property!